Bootcamp in your neighborhood

Set up a Bootcamp in your neighorhood! You can share the cost of the bootcamp by the number of participants! Therefore the cost per person will be advantageous! We will gladly answer all your questions just contact us!

What is the deal with a bootcamp in your neighborhood?

In Eindhoven and the surrounding area, Maxx Training has set up many successful neighborhood boot camps in various neighborhoods.
We meet once or twice a week with the residents in a park or playground in the neighborhood.
During these moments we will work- out together for an hour in the form of a bootcamp training.
The bootcamps are set up in such a way that everyone can participate with pleasure. 
These neighborhood increase social cohesion among the local residents. 
Young and old are welcome! We provide the sports equipment so that a varied and challenging training can be given every week. 
All you need to bring is a towel and a bottle of water.

We use an all-in price per bootcamp. This amount is divided by the number of participants and is often very advantageous!

Do you want to feel fitter and more vital?
Do you want to lose weight and burn fat?
Do you want to work on a healthy condition and increased resistance during these special times?
Do you want to exercise under professional supervision at your training level and right in front of your doorstep?
Do you want to train together with your neighborhood?
Of course we provide the training courses according to the guidelines from the RIVM, so that everyone can exercise in a safe and responsible way.
  • Burning extra calories (on average between 500 and 800 cal per workout)
  • Outdoor training has a de-stressing effect
  • Train in a group: The social network that makes you sweat
  • Available for all levels
  • Personal Training for everyone
  • Preparation for various sporting events
  • Diversity in training
  • Information, tips and advice about healthy eating and exercise
  • Lots of personal attention for every participant



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