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In addition to the Personal branch, Maxx Personal Training also focuses on sports and exercise options for companies in Eindhoven, Veldhoven and the surrounding area. Especially now, attention for fit and vital staff is extremely important. Lively and energetic employees are more productive and happier within a company. But setting up an exercise or vitality program is often not that easy. We are happy to help you with this! Boost the well-being, productivity and fitness of your employees through company fitness.

At Maxx Personal Training we understand that healthy employees are the key to a healthy company. That is why we offer company fitness that allows your employees to benefit from sporting activities. This is a powerful incentive for a healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercise! Through our company fitness in Eindhoven & Veldhoven and the surrounding area, your employees have access to personal training and nutritional advice.

We are the specialist in corporate fitness in Eindhoven, Veldhoven and the surrounding area. We provide programs that go even further than just corporate fitness. We offer a complete company fitness package, with the aim of the well-being of all employees. Physically, but also mentally and overall well-being. This is completely tailor-made for every company. To offer this with the right guidance, we work with an enthusiastic team of experienced personal trainers, fitness assistants, yoga & mindfulness instructors and nutritionists. We set up a suitable program for every company. All this without high costs, expensive equipment, the need for large spaces and therefore without much hassle.

Are you're just looking for an intensive (outdoor) workout after work or a sporting clinic for a team outing or staff day, for example? We also organise corporate events and sports days.

Maxx Personal Training guarantees that your employees get 100% out of their effort.

Benefits of company fitness for your employees

Offering company fitness is not just for yourself, but especially for your employees.

  • Employees increase their productivity
  • We adapt to your work agenda
  • It helps reduce and prevent stress and burnout-related complaints
  • Wide range of lessons and options
  • Increase mutual cooperation and group cohesion among your employees
  • Increase the overall well-being of your employees in the workplace
  • Work on posture and muscles to prevent desk-related complaints
  • Fit employees are less likely to be absent

Specialist in corporate fitness in Eindhoven, Veldhoven and the surrounding area.