Kettlebell Training Eindhoven

  Kettlebell Training Eindhoven Are your looking for an effective weight training, but you don’t want to spend hours in the fitness? Let’s talk about our Kettlebell training Eindhoven. Do you believe it if we tell you that our training offers more result than 1,5 hour weight and cardiotraining in the gym. Well, it is

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Article – Eindhoven’s Dagblad Bootcamp – PSV stadium Article – FRITS magazine Bootcamp – Get Running Spinning Marathon – in aid of the local Animal Shelter Carnival Event

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In-company fitness

There are many opportunities for your employees to exercise and take part in sports. However, if they don’t take them and you want to offer your employees in-company exercise and fitness, we can facilitate you. Maxx Training is the specialist in-company fitness: we offer a complete package focused on the physical and also mental wellbeing

General Conditions

Maxx Personal Training de personal trainer Eindhoven e.o. Terms & Conditions Maxx Personal Training; registered with K.v.K. in Eindhoven under number: 17248251. Maxx Personal Training specializes in Personal Training, nutritional guidance, sport specific training, sports / exercise activities for children / young people. Article 1: Definitions The organization: Maxx Personal Training Participant: Any one person (m/f) who

What Maxx Training offers

What Maxx Training offers More and more companies are becoming aware of the added value in-company fitness offers. We offer a range of possibilities to ensure that we can meet your organisational requirements.   Outdoor training During the outdoor training high intensity training is combined with developing the major muscle groups. There is intensive personal

Why Maxx Training?

Why Maxx Training? Did you know that an overweight employee takes on average 2.5 more days off annually and that an obese employee even takes 11.7 more days off? There are of course lots of opportunities for your employees to take part in sports and exercise. However, if they don’t take them and you want