How does it work?

Maxx Personal Training the personal trainer for the Eindhoven area.

1 - Interview

You contact us for a no obligations interview. We make an appointment to visit you. Together we determine the objectives and decide how to achieve them, for example by exercising at home, progressing from walking to jogging or taking up another sport. We schedule a time that suits you, in the evening or weekends too.

2 - Plan of approach 

After we have decided on a plan of approach we carry it out during a period of 12 weeks. You can train in twosomes, for example with a friend or partner. Every week you train with one of our personal trainers for at least 2 x an hour.

3 - Evaluation & follow up 

After this 12-week period we evaluate to find out if you have achieved your personal objectives. On the basis of this analysis we decide if further guidance is required. Training once a week, or distance guidance via mail or the ‘phone are possibilities.

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