Kettlebell Training Eindhoven

Are your looking for an effective weight training, but you don't want to spend hours in the fitness? Let's talk about our Kettlebell training Eindhoven. Do you believe it if we tell you that our training offers more result than 1,5 hour weight and cardiotraining in the gym. Well, it is true! You don't need much experience to join our training. With our kettlebell training Eindhoven you become stronger, you burn more calories, you become more flexbile AND you work on your overall stamina. Summarized, you train everything at once! Do you have questions regarding our training? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Our kettlebell training is well known for the personal approach and professional guidance!

Bootcamp Eindhoven - Stadswandelpark Eindhoven

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Do you also want to join the most enthusiastic and effective Kettlebell training Eindhoven and surroundings?

Participate at your own level. We ensure the training is accessbile to everyone. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. Do you recognize yourself in the questions below? Don't hestitate any longer and request a free trial.

  • Do you want to reach your goals fast and effective?
  • Do you want to do more weight training?
  • Do you want to increase your strenght next to your overall stamina.
  • Do you want to train under professional guidance at your own level?

A kettlebell training is a different training than the usual fitness routines. We provide the training in the Stadswandelpark of Eindhoven. You don't need to bring your own kettlebell (lucky you!), we ensure everybody will get a kettlebell. In one hour we do several excersises in combination with the kettlebell.

Bootcamp Eindhoven - Stadswandelpark Eindhoven


Why join the Kettlebell training Eindhoven?

  • Burn extra calories (average between 500 - 800 cal per training)
  • Train outdoors! Feel the de-stressing effect..
  • Train within a small group; the social network that makes you sweat
  • Suitible for every level
  • We prepare you for different sport events
  • We offer a wide variety of trainings
  • Information, tips and advices about healthy food
  • Lots of personal attention per participant

Of course we provide the trainig courses according to the RIVM guidelines. So everyone can sport in a safe and responsible manner.


Our offer

Monday: Bootcamp 19:00-20:00
Tuesday: Outdoor Kettlebell 09:00-10:00
Wednesday: Bootcamp 19:00-20:00
Friday: Bootcamp 09:00-10:00
Saturday: Outdoor Kettlebell 10:00-11:00
Sunday: Bootcamp 10:00-11:00

We gather at the observartory of the Stadwandelpark in Eindhoven.

Don't forget to bring a bottle of water and your own towel!


Frequently asked questions

We offer our trainings in Eindhoven. Most of them are provided in the city itself, but if you want to do a personal training, we can also come to your house.

Yes of course. If you join us for a personal training you can sport in one of our studio's. We have one studio in the city centre and the other one is located at the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven.

Our opening times:

Monday - Thursday from 08:00 - 21:00 0'clock

Friday - Sunday from 09:00 - 15:00 o'clock

It depends from the training. A Personal Training is always offered by Anne Krebber or Ilias Renou (both owners of the company). Other trainings might be provided by one of our certified instructors.

We don't have a fixed rate for company fitness. It depends on the number of participants, trainings and the duration of the trainings. We provide each company with a custom-made quote. Do you want to know more? Get into contact with us.

Yes we do! In a free intake we set up your goals and set up a plan to reach your goals. We combine the amount of trainings with a healthy nutrition plan.

We offer our trainings at a sufficient distance and we train without any tools as much as possible. When we use some tools, we make sure it is properly cleaned. In addition, we ask our customers not to join a training if they have any complaints regarding Covid-19.

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