Personal Trainer Geldrop

Exercise, but not the desired result?
Little variation in your training that makes you lose motivation for exercising?
Poor eating habits so that you do not achieve (lasting) results?
Little time to exercise due to a busy life schedule?
Then you've come to the right place! We help you to break this cycle!

What can we do for you as a Personal Trainer?

  • The most efficient way to work on your training goals.
  • Professional guidance so that you can work on your training objectives in a highly safe way.
  • Support, as extra measure to achieve your result
  • Every training is varied, so that the exercise never gets boring.
  • Our super enthusiastic team ensures that you are and remain super motivated.
  • We continue to closely follow all developments in the field of training methods so that you always get the most efficient training.
  • Personalised nutrition plan.

Train where and when you want! Whether you choose to train in our private gym on the High Tech Campus, at your home or in the park ... We provide the most enthusiastic and efficient training! We work with the best material that we can take with us on location. Think of kettlebells, power-rope, own body weight etc. We are happy to discuss your specific wishes and our options!

So don't wait any longer and book a free intake interview!