Personal Trainer Helmond

Maxx Personal Training also offers the most enthusiastic personal training in Helmond!

May I introduce myself?

My name is Ilias Renou and I am one of the most enthusiastic and professional personal trainers in Helmond. Since my childhood I have always been involved with sport, varying from high level gymnastics to football. After I finished secondary school it wasn’t difficult to decide what to do: the Sport Academy (CIOS).  After graduating I successfully studied to become a Personal Trainer and Medical Fitness Instructor at Fysio Physics.

In 2009 I decided to set up my own business: Maxx Personal Training. This has been the right career decision and I get tremendous satisfaction from working individually with people and being able to transfer my knowledge and enthusiasm. The years of experience and my high levels of motivation and enthusiasm ensure that together we will successfully achieve your fitness objectives.

  • Do you have difficulty motivating yourself to exercise? I am here to help you.
  • Achieve your exercise objectives
  • Exercise safely with a professional
  • Qualified Personal Trainer / Medical Fitness Instructor
  • Personal nutritional plan
  • Avoid yo-yoing – this time it will work!
  • Disciplined approach

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