Personal Trainer Valkenswaard

Maxx Personal Training also offers the most effective personal training in Valkenswaard!

Do you want to train on location with professional guidance? Then you’ve come to the right address with Maxx Personal Training! Give your workout a boost and book a training with the most enthusiastic personal trainer in Valkenswaard.

  • No more crowded gyms where you get in each other’s way
  • No travelling time and you don’t have to force yourself to go to the gym
  • Training in your own surroundings / in private is pleasant
  • Training with a personal trainer / medical fitness instructor is a safe and effective way to work on your exercise objectives
  • A disciplined approach is very effective
  • Equipment – kettle bells, power rope etc. – is brought to you
  • You can book a session with friends and share the expense

Start right away with an enthusiastic personal trainer / medical fitness instructor? Grab this chance and book a no obligation intake interview with the most enthusiastic personal trainers in Valkenswaard. During the intake we determine your training objectives and decide on the sort of training that would fit your needs. Of course, we look at your present condition and make a personal plan.

Maxx Personal TrainingValkenswaard. We help you achieve your objectives! Book a no obligation intake interview by calling 0622087561 or mail

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