Personal Training at Home

Do you want to train, but preferably in your own cosy and safe environment? Then personal training at home is a solution for you. For personal training at home, Maxx Personal Training are the right trainers for you. Together, we ensure that you become physically and mentally fit at home. With a personal trainer at hme oyou can achieve this in a pleasant and trustworthy way. Maxx Personal Training provides personal training at home in Eindhoven and the Eindhoven area.

Want to know more about Personal Training at home?

Lifeless? Busy schedule? Then personal training at home is the solution!

Sometimes we lack the energy or our overloaded schedule simply doesn't allow us to go to the gym. In that case, Maxx Personal Training is the right place for you. With us you do not only count on personal and professional guidance, but you receive this personal training at home, within your own familiar environment. This means you don't have to plan extra travel time and you can immediately jump into the shower after a tough workout or plop down feeling satisfied afterwards on the couch.

Benefits of personal training at home

We bring the gym to you and adapt to your busy schedule. No time wasted on travel time or crowded gyms. Our experienced personal trainers are ready to guide, motivate and help you achieve your sporting goals, all in the comfortable environment of your own home.


It's time to take back control of your time and health. Start your fitness journey with personal training at home from and discover how we help you achieve your goals, no matter how busy your life is.

A personal trainer at home of course has even more advantages. With us you always receive professional guidance and 1-on-1 support. This not only applies to the training you receive from us, but you can also benefit from tailor-made nutritional advice. This way you reach your goals even faster and with a lasting result!

Even more benefits of a personal trainer at home:

Personal support at all times
Customised training plan
Personal nutrition plan
Varied & result-oriented
Less time consuming
Your personal trainer is the support you need. Together we get the best out of you and aim for sustainable results. Take the challenge!

How do we start with personal training at home?

At Maxx Personal Training, your fitness journey starts with a flying start. We kick off with a free trial lesson or intake, where we perform an in-depth movement analysis. We discuss your daily posture and movements. We pay special attention to your type of work, whether you mainly work sitting or standing up. This is the key to spotting any body imbalances and identifying muscle groups that need strengthening or may even be overworked. With these valuable insights, we then draw up a tailor-made training schedule that suits you perfectly.

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If you occasionally want to alternate your home workouts with on-site training, we offer the perfect solution. Our base is located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Here you can find the variety you are looking for, with both intensive, varied training at home and sessions at HTC Eindhoven. It is good to know that this location is not a public space, so we also offer 1-on-1 training. No other athletes, no distractions, just a sports Gym in a nice quiet location.

At Maxx Personal Training we focus on the use loose weights and your own body weight. This way you not only train your muscle strength, but you also work on your balance and flexibility.

Are you convinced of our approach? Then don't wait any longer and contact us immediately for personal training at home. Together we take the first step towards a fitter and healthier you!

We Offer

A personal training in Eindhoven is completely tailor-made. The first step is to schedule a no-obligation intake. Together we determine your goals and set up a plan to achieve them.

We are happy to come to you or you can train at one of our private gyms. All you need is your enthusiasm!

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