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A personal approach for maximum results
Do you want to exercise where and when you want? Are you ready to make your fitness dreams come true in or around Eindhoven? At Maxx Training in Eindhoven we are eager to get started with your fitness journey. As the specialists in personal training, customised training and medical fitness, we do everything we can to achieve your goals. So put on your sportswear and let's get started together!

Naturally, we work with the best material that we can take with us to the location. This includes kettlebells, a power rope, TRX, barbells & dumbbells, plyo boxes, etc.

Customised personal training for your unique needs
Imagine: an expert personal trainer from Eindhoven who works with you on a training plan that perfectly suits your needs and goals. At Maxx Training we understand that everyone is unique and that is why we create tailor-made training plans for each individual athlete. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your endurance or simply get fitter, we have the expertise to guide you.

We are here for you! Our personal trainers continuously invest in themselves, so that we have all the tools to best guide you to your dream results. Our personal trainers are your listening ear and provide the mental and physical support you need. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly which training method suits you and we ensure a varied and diverse training time and time again. This keeps your personal training sessions challenging and fun!

Read more about our personal training in Eindhoven and the surrounding area below. Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.

Looking for a female personal trainer?
Are you looking for a personal trainer with a feminine touch? You've come to the right place! Working towards your fitness goals is an important decision and choosing the perfect personal trainer makes all the difference. If you are considering trying a female personal trainer, do so with us. So what are you waiting for?


Specialist in the field of medical fitness | for a healthy lifestyle, regardless of the challenges!
As specialists in medical fitness, we understand how important it is to take into account any medical conditions, injuries or limitations you may have. That's why we work closely with you to create a safe and effective training plan. This way you continue to work on your fitness and health despite any challenges.

Medical fitness is focused on sports and exercise under the guidance of a certified medical fitness instructor. Medicall fitness often aims to rehabilitate from a (long-term) injury or condition. Another reason for medical fitness is also to optimize physical ability. Another reason is to act preventively on possible injuries or back problems. By doing this together with our medical fitness instructor, the resilience of your body is increased in a responsible way. Medical fitness ensures that your muscles and joints continue to function optimally and that your fitness is maintained.

Are you interested in medical fitness? Please contact us!

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When does personal training offer the perfect solution?
Personal training can offer the solution when you:

  • Need extra motivation
  • You've reached a limitation
  • Want to achieve specific goals
  • Medical conditions or injuries must be taken into account
  • You want to improve technique and posture
  • Look for variety and fun in your training
  • Are seeking responsibility and support
  • Consider time management important

Enter the sporting adventure with Maxx Training in vibrant Eindhoven!
Why wait longer? It's time to open the doors to a new dimension of fitness and wellness. Maxx Training is ready for you in dynamic Eindhoven to welcome you to a world of possibilities and performance. Imagine waking up every day full of energy, ready to push your limits and exceed your goals. With Maxx Training by your side, this vision becomes reality. Our dedicated personal trainers will not only help you become physically stronger and healthier, but they will also inspire you to grow mentally and overcome obstacles.

In vibrant Eindhoven, where the city is alive and the pulsating energy is palpable, we will go on a journey together that will change your life. It doesn't matter whether you dream of a leaner physique, building impressive muscles, improving your endurance or just completely transforming yourself. With Maxx Training your goals are within reach.

Our offer
A Personal Training in Eindhoven is completely tailor-made. The first step is to schedule a no-obligation intake.
Together we determine your goals and set up a plan to achieve them.
We are happy to come to you or you can train at one of our private gyms. All you need is a good mood!

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