Duo Personal Training

Would you like personal training, but together with your partner, girlfriend or mother? Do you prefer training together or would it be more motivating? We understand this. Do you like to train together, but do you prefer personal training? Duo personal training at Maxxtraining.nl means exercising together with an instructor at half the cost! Yes, it's true, training with 2 people for the price of 1. Who wouldn't want this?

Exercising together is cheaper, with complete guidance: choose our duo personal training. This duo training is a fully-fledged personal training and sharing the cost makes it cheaper.

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Benefits to Duo Personal Training

Exercising together has clear advantages:

  • Sharing the costs
    You can book a 1-hour personal training for € 62,00 but for the same money you can also exercise with 2 people. Then you pay only €31 per person for personal training.
  • Training together
    Do you have little time to do something together? Ask a friend to exercise together. You work on your health at the same time and spend time together.
  • Motivate each other
    Exercise together, eat healthier together and motivate each other. Help each other inside and outside the training to achieve your set goals.

Our duo personal training is a cheaper and more enjoyable alternative to traditional personal training.

Complete Duo Personal Training

Of course you can count on full guidance during our duo personal training. We monitor your progress and the training sessions are tailored to both your goals.

Personal training with complete guidance, but cheaper than if you did this individually. With extra motivation when you exercise with someone else. The best of both worlds, pay less but still get in shape.

Cheaper Personal training? Choose Duo Personal Training!

Want to hire an affordable personal trainer? Choose duo personal training. We will ensure that you get back into shape together. Want to know more about duo personal training and how others already motivate each other? Contact us for a free intake interview with Maxx Personal Training.

We Offer

A personal training in Eindhoven is completely tailor-made. The first step is to schedule a no-obligation intake. Together we determine your goals and set up a plan to achieve them.

We are happy to come to you or you can train at one of our private gyms. All you need is your enthusiasm!

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