Guarantee continuity in your gym with our S.O.S. sports instructors!

At Maxx Training we offer a solution for unexpected non-attendance of sports instructors. Our S.O.S. sports instructors are ready to take over your group lessons effortlessly, so that you never have to cancel a lesson again. With qualified instructors specially trained by Maxx Training, we guarantee the highest quality for your sports lessons.

At Maxx Training we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to ensure the continuity of your group lessons, especially due to unexpected cancellations of sports instructors. That is why we offer a unique solution with our S.O.S. (Sports Instructors Immediately Standby) service. Our dedicated S.O.S. sports instructors are always ready to take over your group lessons effortlessly, so that you never have to cancel a lesson or worry about paying and disappointed members.

Our S.O.S. sports instructors are carefully selected and specially trained by Maxx Training. They have the right qualifications, experience and expertise. This is to ensure that the quality of your sports lessons remain at the highest level, especially in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Whether it's yoga, spinning, boot camp or another group class, our instructors are versatile and ready to provide a wide range of classes. We understand that the satisfaction of your members and the reputation of your gym or fitness center are of the utmost importance. That is why we guarantee the highest quality and consistency in the lessons we offer.

S.O.S. Sport instructors

Our backup pool of S.O.S. Sports Instructors cover a wide range of lessons including: 

  • Spinning
  • Bodypump
  • Bootcamp
  • (Kick)Boxing
  • Yoga & Pilates (including Body Balance, Yin Yoga & Power Yoga)
  • BBB
  • Gladiator Workout
  • HIIT Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Senior Training

And much more! The possibilities are endless. Contact us for more information!

How does S.O.S. Sports Instructor work??

In every Gym, Yoga or CrossFit studio it sometimes happens that a sports instructor cannot attend. This is a very annoying situation as a lesson may be canceled at short notice. Unexpected cancellation of classes is now a thing of the past! Maxx Training has the answer to this. Our Professional Instructors are ready to take over your lessons seamlessly, so that the participants are not disappointed and enthusiasm stays high!

Why choose S.O.S. Sports Instructors from Maxx Personal Training?

  • Qualified sports instructors: Our instructors have been carefully trained by Maxx Training and have the required qualifications to deliver high-quality lessons.
  • Continuity of your lessons during illness and holidays: Thanks to our service, you never have to cancel group lessons due to the absence of sports instructors.
  • Diversity in classes: From intensive HIIT training to relaxing yoga classes, our S.O.S. Sports Instructors are experts in various disciplines and seamlessly replace lessons for you.
  • Flexibility: Call or email us directly to request an S.O.S. and arrange a sports instructor, so that you can quickly get back on schedule.

Contact us at any time!

Call us immediately on 0622087561 to request an S.O.S. to reserve a sports instructor and guarantee the continuity of your group lessons.

Send an e-mail to  to find out more about our S.O.S. Sports Instructors and how we can support your Sports centre.

At Maxx Personal Training we understand how important it is to maintain consistency in your exercise classes. Let us help you deliver that consistent, high-quality experience for your participants, even when the unexpected happens.

S.O.S. Sport Instructors