Why Maxx Training?

Did you know that an overweight employee takes on average 2.5 more days off annually and that an obese employee even takes 11.7 more days off?

There are of course lots of opportunities for your employees to take part in sports and exercise. However, if they don’t take them and you want to offer your employees in-company exercise and fitness, we can facilitate you.

The PEP factor is a programme that goes even further than in-company fitness: we offer a complete package focused on the physical and also mental wellbeing of your employees, tailor made for your company. We work with a dedicated team of personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutritionists (BGN certificated) and a psychologist in order to offer the right supervision. We can make a programme that fits every company – and without high costs, expensive equipment or large training areas.

Very important: completely tax deductible!

I would be happy to discuss our approach in person and make a needs analysis of what Maxx Training can offer your organisation.

Maxx Training In-company Fitness Eindhoven