The Effect of a Kettlebell Workout

Do you want to exercise (more)? Do you want to burn fat and build muscle quickly and efficiently? Then consider our outdoor kettlebell workout. During our kettlebell training, various varied exercises are repeated at a high pace. This means you exercise at high intensity for an hour. This is ideal for your fitness and muscle building.

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Effect of a kettlebell training

Train for an hour and get more results than 1.5 hours of strength or fitness training? With our bootcamp workout it is possible! Various studies have shown that a kettlebell workout is one of the fastest methods to promote muscle growth and stimulate fat burning. Kettlebell training trains various muscle groups at the same time. This makes our kettlebell workout very different from many other types of training, which usually only emphasise one focus area.

The benefits of a kettlebell workout

Outdoor training with the kettlebell is not only fun, but also has many benefits:

  • You will be in better condition, your fitness level will increase by approximately 6% (with an active posture)
  • You burn belly fat quickly. The body burns belly fat faster during short, intensive workouts
  • It increases hormones that stimulate muscle growth
  • Helps burn energy, helping you maintain a healthy weight
  • Helps with back and muscle complaints, you strengthen the muscles in your lower back and improve the cooperation of your muscles and joints
  • Good alternative to weightlifting and powerlifting
  • Provides better jumping power, posture and coordination

Proven effectiveness of kettlebell

The kettlebell workout is supposedly one of the most effective forms of training there is. Many well-known top athletes train with the kettlebell as part of their training program. But also for people who have not done any sports for a long time or who have certain physical limitations, a kettlebell workout is an ideal way to quickly get the body back into top shape in an accessible way.

The fact that a kettlebell workout is much more effective than most other forms of training has also been confirmed by researchers from the University of Wisconsin, America. In 2010, they conducted a study on the results of the kettlebell workout and discovered that 20 to 30 minutes of training with the kettlebell is just as effective as 1 hour of running and lifting weights in the gym.

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