Do you want to sport whenever you want at a specific location? With our Personal Training sessions that's possible. You can train at our gym at the High Tech Campus, your own house, your work or even in the park. You choose. We take care of the most efficient and effective training for you. We work with the best material which we bring to the location. For example, kettlebells, a power rope, TRX etc.

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Personal Training Eindhoven

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We are a specialist in the field of Personal Training Eindhoven/Medical Fitness Eindhoven.

We are there for you. We make sure you feel fit and healthy. Our strong and qualified team is at your service and supports you in overcoming your personal challenge. Wha doo we offer with our Personal Training Eindhoven?

  • De meest efficiĆ«nte manier om te werken aan je trainingsdoelen; The most efficient training to reach your training goals;
  • Professional guidance, so you work with your body in an extremely safe way;
  • It is wielded as a big stick;
  • Every session is different, so your training session will never get boring;
  • Our enthousiastic team ensures you stay motivated;
  • Tailor-made nutrion plan if needed.


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When will Personal Training be a solution for you?


  • Do you already sport quite often, but you don't reach your goals?
  • Are you loosing your motivation to sport because you are always doing the same training session?
  • Do you find it difficult to stick to your nutrition plan?
  • Do you have little time available to sport due to a busy schedule?

Do you recognize yourself in above questions? Personal Training could be an option for you. We help you with these problems. Are you curious how we could help you in your specific situation?

Of course, we provide the training session regarding the guidlines from the RIVM, so everybody can exercise in a safe and responsible manner.


Our Offer

A Personal Training session is completely tailor-made. The first step is to schedule an intake. Together we set up your goals and we create a plan to reach these goals.

You decide where you want to train. We are happy to come to your place or you can train in one of our private gyms. The only thing you need is a good mood!

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