TRUMPF energizer


Thank you for your interest in the TRUMPF energizer program.

  • Personal intake
  • 2 x week outdoor TRUMPF workouts
  • Nutrition and lifestyle program
  • 1 x a week TRUMPF yoga session

You can sign up for 1 or multiple options


Personal intake:

Let us check up on you!

  • We will measure your body compositon ( Weight, fat %, muscle % and visceral fat)
  • Fitness test
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygen level in your blood

After these measurements we will give you  advise about your health situation


TRUMPF workouts:

This  program contains effective group sessions with your personal TRUMPF Trainer from Maxxtraining.

The work out sessions will be held outdoors. The lessons that wil be offered will have a combination of exercise and relaxation that continuously alternate.

The variation of the lessons is important, so this program is suitable for each personal health goal. These “Work Outs” are very effective to keep minor pain complaints away.

The trainers will focus on strengthening your muscles and improving your overall fitness.


Nutrition and lifestyle program:

4 x a year we start up the nutrition and lifestyle program.

  • This program contains 3 nutrition and lifestyle clinics. During these clinics your body composition will be measured in great detail.
  • You will receive a personalized food program for the duration of 12 weeks. There will be a lot of attention regarding your results.
  • You will be educated regarding nutrition and lifestyle
  • Tips and tricks


TRUMPF yoga session:

join this amazing yoga session

  • The most efficient way to work on your training objectives
  • Professional guidance so that you can exercise safely
  • Disciplined approach
  • Varied yoga sessions so you keep motivated
  • Personalised approach to your individual needs for the best result

Registration for these sessions can be done using the form below. 

The Maxxtraining personal trainers wil contact you for more information and details. Please join and enjoy the benefits that many working professionals already have experienced.